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Cultivate Your Journey Toward Inner Peace

Get Clear on Your Desires and Live More Fully as Your Authentic Self, even if You Doubt Yourself and Worry About What Other People Think

Do you feel like you're out of touch with your desires?Β 

Do you have a longing to navigate life as your authentic self and struggle to embrace every part of yourself? Do you feel like there's more to life than what you're experiencing right now?Β 

If you answered yes to any (or perhaps all) of these questions, I want to let you know that you're not alone!Β 

I can relate too.Β 

I've dedicated the past 7+ years to exploring these themes in my own life so that I can co-create spaces for more humans like you and me to connect to ourselves with compassion, curiosity, and nurturing love because I truly believe that we are all worthy of living magical lives.

If you already know you'd like to work with me as your coach, I invite you to use the button below to get started.

This Coaching Journey is for You if:

🀍 You desire to lower the volume of the critical, judgemental voices in your head, step out of loops of overthinking, and drop more deeply into your body.

🀍 You're ready to get to know yourself more intimately and desire a deeper connection with your inner world.

🀍 You sense there's a deeper purpose to your life, but you're not quite sure where to find it.

🀍 You're curious about somatic practices and their potential to guide you toward self-discovery.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Clarity on Your Desires:Β 

We'll begin by getting really curious about your desires and what you'd like to 'get' from our time together.

Exploring Obstacles:Β 

We'll identify and navigate obstacles holding you back from realizing your desires using somatic practices.

Embodying Your Desires:Β 

We'll connect with feelings of worthiness, deservingness, and safety to plant the seeds for intimacy with your inner world.

Creating Inner Nurturing:Β 

We'll foster a supportive inner environment that empowers you to move toward your desires and meet your emotions with compassion along the way.

Hi, I'm Sarah (she/her), Your Sex, (Self-) Love, and Relationship Coach!Β 

Ready to Get Started?

When we go alone on our journey of inner exploration, we're limited by our own perspective.

Being witnessed and held in our self-discovery is one of the most supportive things we can give ourselves.

That's where I come in! ☺️

As your trauma-informed coach and companion on your inner journey, I'll remind you that you are worthy and deserving of living as your authentic self every step of the way. I'll work with you to co-create a space for you to explore yourself gently, consensually, and with loving curiosity.Β