About Me

Hi there 👋🏻 My name is Sarah (she/her), and here's a little about me and my own journey...

My dreams felt too big, and I was ready to give up before even trying. 

In the summer of 2015, I had just graduated from college, and I had a deep longing to use my life to bring peace to this world. Up to that point, peace was a central theme in my life. As a child, I never understood why people wage war or why there is so much pain, destruction, and violence. 

The theme of peace was the go-to subject for my younger self's artwork and poetry, and at some point, I got quite discouraged because I realized that I alone could not create world peace. The older I got, it also occurred to me that if there were more people living with states of inner peace, there probably would be less violence, hatred, and destruction and more peace in the world!

But the thought of pursuing peace as an adult with "grown-up" responsibilities, no connections, and no direction felt unrealistic during a time when I was "supposed to" be starting a career.

So, I searched for work where peacemakers go to do good in the world. I took a job with a small nonprofit as a graphic designer for little pay. I felt like my work helped people in some small way, but I couldn't help feeling that something was missing. No matter what I did, I had this stifling sense that I had no purpose

At the same time, I experienced a life-changing event that year, that turned my entire world upside down. I didn't know who to turn to for help, and I was afraid that even if there was someone who would listen, they wouldn't understand and would judge me. 

I felt lost, empty, and disconnected from my body, my power, and my true desires. Before long, I became numb to my inner world. I tried to convince myself that everything "happens for a reason", but every day after that just felt like it just didn't matter – a feeling I had to work really hard at befriending. And all the while, more than anything, I still wanted a feeling of purpose, and a sense of inner peace. 

A good friend had recommended Chade-Meng Tan’s book on Mindfulness Meditation, Search Inside Yourself

As I sat, leafing through the pages on my way to work one morning, I came across the following lines in the book's unassuming print:

"My dream is to create the conditions for world peace, and to do that by creating the conditions for inner peace and compassion on a global scale.” – Chade-Meng Tan

These words felt like magic to my soul; I felt so seen, I felt such a surge of aliveness, but it didn’t last very long. A part of me truly felt as if these words had been written by me, it really felt like someone captured my dream for me, but the louder voice in my head told me that this was wishful thinking and that I couldn’t possibly share this dream. 

Tan’s words remained silently tucked away somewhere within me for years. I never truly forgot them, but I also didn’t believe they would ever lead anywhere. 

Nonetheless, that book inspired me to start a meditation practice, which led to a deeper curiosity about my inner world, and had me confront how unaware I was about the impact trauma was having on me.

For the first time, I got to witness how broken and disconnected I had felt from myself. I wanted desperately to feel life, but there was only numbness. While I was going through it, I felt totally alone. 

So I turned to Google...

"How to get rid of the numbness and feel again," I searched.

I quickly learned about various Jade Egg practices (thanks, Google), which led me to discover Layla Martin on YouTube. I soon enrolled in her Jade Egg course. Despite how challenging it was for me to "keep up" with the course's exercises, it was the first time I learned to listen to my body, give myself permission to feel pleasure in ways unrelated to genitals, and I noticed enough change in myself that I yearned to go deeper.

In 2019, I felt called to join Layla Martin's VITA Coaching Certification Program. Various coaches who have gone through the program shared how they felt more alive, had drastically shifted their relationships to their inner world through all the personal practices, and deeply enjoyed bringing this methodology to those interested.

"This was the thing," I thought. 

I kept the enrollment page open in my browser for months, going back and forth in my mind about whether I really had anything to offer anyone or whether I would ever be worthy of calling myself a coach. I felt a deep pull, knowing the inner work required in the program was exactly what I was looking for. 

But again, I let the louder voice in my head talk me out of it. I had so many GOOD reasons not to do it. As an introvert, I was terrified of the idea of working with people, and I had no idea how would I help anyone thrive in sex, love, and relationships.

I stayed up late the night registration closed, disappointed and frustrated at myself as I watched the countdown timer for the enrollment deadline expire.

I felt a deep pit of regret in my chest... 

I was about to endure another precious year of my life without purpose... without pursuing my dream of peace.

I decided I had to stop doing this to myself.

That year, I made a lot of changes. We rescued a fluffy senior dog, my partner and I got married, moved to a new home in the middle of a national forest, and started a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion business together with a long-time friend of ours. I was determined to apply as soon as the application for the next cohort was live. 

While I was waiting for the application to open, I continued to meditate, practice breathwork, read psychology textbooks in my spare time (everyone has a passion, right?), and learn more about the world of somatic healing. I started working with a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and kept leaning deeper into my own journey of finding inner peace.

And then finally it happened! Enrollment for the 2021 Cohort of the VITA Coaching Program opened, and I eagerly submitted my application!

In 2021, I finally began Layla Martin’s 650-hour Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching Certification program. Since then, I have been allowing the learnings to land in my own system, and they have been the foundation and catalyst for exploring, connecting with, and cultivating my own inner peace. 

While I understand that achieving world peace is a monumental task that no one person can accomplish alone, I wholeheartedly believe in our individual and collective power to make a difference. My heart has always been driven by the pursuit of peace, and it continues to beat with an unyielding desire to share my gifts, magic, and the tools that I have learned and found transformative in my own healing journey. This is what I offer through my work as a coach by co-creating spaces for individuals like you to explore and befriend your inner world and move toward your desires, and a life that feels magical, purposeful, and meaningful to you! I believe in the superpowers of love, compassion, kindness, and gentleness. 

I would love to embark on this journey with me 💜

Some Fun Facts About Me:

My Commitment

As a dedicated coach, I am committed to fostering meaningful individual, community, and systemic change. In my coaching practice, I am dedicated to inclusivity, where individuals of all ages, genders, sexualities, abilities, races, and ethnicities are welcomed to bravely share themselves and feel empowered to take courageous steps towards realizing their desires. I recognize that genuine support for change demands ongoing unlearning and re-learning, and cultural humility. I am committed to continuously educating and challenging myself to better understand and serve the diverse needs of my clients. I also acknowledge that perfection is not attainable, and that I will make mistakes. I welcome being called in and embrace my mistakes as opportunities for growth.